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CME UF 50760/70/80 . KLICKA HÄR FÖR INFO ... VX5 49 tangenter. VX6 61 tangenter ... utan keyboard. Remote SL25 2 oktaver . Remote SL37 Rar! Ï s ]2tÀ a Î ¿ *¥Æz•I 3 Consorzio 1 Toscana Nord\CB_1_TNord_DGRT_1238_05-12-2016.pdfðŒ†G Ù Ð Ý T Uj s‹® n·]mºà÷\Rë CXÐÅÝÿ{7 Œæô3 Ÿ ž‰ e D 0PR$/ * 0’(Á#÷gÝ Ñ Hž†ŠX`Zf I·¹‘˜ `n>^>ÜÂÒ vv\–ÐÚÈÀâÐòÈÆ>aþ ù©Á¡¹‰rpù‰yr ù™ ‰©©rhù‘rŸóÄÐй }kúSc?ÂŽ × OC XÿÌ ÿÿ ~c2/ÿh†ÈÄÜÆÈŸù™±ËøÊ s[£ck ...

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Same as UF series controller, VX uses CME's famous, professional, hammer-action, weighted (VX8) and semi-weighted keyboard (VX5/6/7) with initial- and after- touch and velocity sensitivity. VX supplies up to 64 controllers types, including motor faders, encoders for data entry, knobs, trigger pads, ribbon controller, buttons, pitch bend, modulation wheel, SEQ transport buttons, pedals and breath controller.

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