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This video shows the 100 largest empires in History.Empires are defined as “any relatively large sovereign political entity whose components are not sovereig... Kiltzi: Maztican god of health, love, happiness, children Lastai (Book of Exalted Deeds), demigoddess of pleasure, love, and passion. Sehanine: Unaligned goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon. Seasonal god of autumn and patron of elves. Sheela Peryroyl: Halfling goddess of nature, agriculture, weather, song, dance, beauty, romantic love. Ed Greenwood. Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters. Prologue. Rise, and be not afraid. I have no need to be feared. I am more of a goddess than that. The Shou Lung Empire lays claim to being the largest, most populous and most powerful nation on Faerûn. The first two claims are indisputable. More than 2,500 miles fall between the empire’s northern-most and southern-most borders, and some 2,200 miles between the east and rest.

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The Mexican Empire(Spanish: Imperio Mexicano, pronounced [ĩmˈpeɾjo mexiˈkano] (listen)) was a constitutional monarchy, the first independent government of Mexicoand the only former colony of the Spanish Empireto establish a monarchy after independence.

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Mar 09, 2018 · The Eye of Zaltec – a fist-sized ruby – surmounted the Great Pyramid in Nexal, capital city of the Maztican Empire. A magic relic of the cult of Zaltec, its dagger-like point was plunged into the hearts of countless sacrifices and was said to restore the dead to life. History Museum Art History Austrian Empire Map Layout Fantasy Map Alternate History Historical Maps Flag Design World War Two Map of the Austrian Reich by Martin23230 on DeviantArt A rather unlikely map I made a while ago of Austria taking the place of Germany in the Second World War.

For centuries, this gem has rested in the Tomb of the Nine Gods beneath the lost city of Omu, until brave adventurers prized it from its sanctuary. Before then, it surmounted the Great Pyramid in Nexal, capital of the Maztican Empire. “The gem is said to be priceless – but I know money is no object to the nobles in this room! Empire Magnetics provides quality motor products designed to perform in environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable. Custom systems and modifications are available...

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