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Dec 23, 2015 · With the Badger Ridge 209 Kit installed, the shooter loads the rifle per the Remington 700ML Owner’s Manual, slides a 209 primer into the bolt nose, and closes the bolt. The feeding and caming action slightly swages the 209 primer into the breech plug and seals the breech. I just bought a CVA Accura MR and purchased the Blackhorn 209 breech plug for it. I'm shooting the 250gr Powerbelt Aerolite and am very happy with the resulting accuracy and ease of cleaning. I will never put anything but Blackhorn 209 in my new Accura MR, if you make the switch you will feel the...Blackhorn 209 is easier on muzzleloading barrels than any other "blackpowder sub" class of propellant, and is essentially non-corrosive. There has never before been a general inline black powder substitute as good as Blackhorn 209. There have been some very interesting attempts in times past...

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This breech plug will only work on Wolf, Optima and Accura V2 rifles after it has been fitted to the barrel. It will not work on any gun not originally designed to use the QRBP. Will not work on the Apex rifle. The Blackhorn QRBP Breech Plug is specifically designed for use with Blackhorn 209 and other loose powder muzzle loading propellants.

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Blackhorn 209 in the CVA Kodiak Mag Get a cup of coffee or cold beer (maybe 2-3). I want to be thorough in my experiences, but after proof reading, I am long winded. 209 Breech Plug - A1678 $14.95 $14.95 CVA Nipple _ Hunter Bolt, Firebolt, Mag Bolt and Mag Hunter $3.00 $3.00 #11 Breech Plug and Nipple - Hunter Bolt, Firebolt, Mag ... For the breech plug, call CVA at 770-449-4687, if there are none in stock, western powders, eBay, Amazon, midway, should have them. I have an accura v2 and am looking for some advice on a good load/bullet choice. I'm going to shoot blackhorn 209 powder.

Stainless steel breech plug. Thompson/Center™ Breech Plugs are made of the highest quality materials for years of rugged service. Fits many TC® In-lines also (except Encore® 209x50, T/C® Scout™, Omega™ &. Triumph® models). q 209 primer adapter for black diamond™...

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